Since 2014, CodeVA has taken great strides in making Computer Science a priority for Virginia. In 2016, Virginia became the first state in the nation to pass sweeping Computer Science education reform. This law mandates that every Virginia child will receive access to essential Computer Science literacy – to include coding – from Kindergarten through graduation.

CodeVA wrote this legislation and worked hard with policymakers to make it happen. The law passed the General Assembly unanimously.

More must be done to ensure Virginia’s classrooms are Computer Science classrooms. CodeVA, with your support, continues to advocate for meaningful and intentional implementation of computer science standards and to craft policy that ensures the state’s future competitive workforce continues to lead the nation and the world. By partnering with businesses, communities and education leaders, CodeVA helps foster communication between the public school classroom and the corporate boardroom.

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“There is no issue more critical to education, economy and security in the Virginia/DC/Maryland area. Combined we are, respectively, the first, second and fourth nationally in terms of per-capita computer science jobs, and Virginia is no. 4 for total number of jobs. Where our West Coast computer science industry makes products and games, here we are the backbone of cybersecurity, aerospace, research, banking, and defense. In Virginia, Computer Science is a bipartisan issue, and the unanimous legislative victories we’ve won here, along with the support of our governor, show a unified urgency to succeed in ensuring our children, our economy and our future are secure through the education of a computer science-literate workforce.”



Chris Dovi, Executive Director

What have we accomplished?

CodeVA has a proven track record of making a difference through policy. We’ve made great strides by educating lawmakers on the importance of statewide computer science literacy.

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