CodeVA’s Coronavirus Response

19 March, 2020

        As you know, Computer Science Education is our mission, but CodeVA cares most about the health and wellness of our employees, teachers, students, parents, grandparents, families, and the public at large. In the interest of public health, we’re practicing social distancing by encouraging you to work from home. 

        Our offices currently remain open for those who choose or need to come to the office. We encourage you to refrain from handshakes and keep 6’ of distance from others whenever possible. The vulcan sign, jazz hands, waves, the peace sign, are all acceptable forms of non-contact greeting. Choose the one that best reflects your personality. Chris Dovi’s is the funky chicken, without question.

        If ever there was a test of how many things we can all juggle at once, this is it. That being said, we are all ready for everything to return to normal, for kids to be back in school and everyone to be back at work. We want to see kids this summer for camps and teachers at professional developments. We’re continuing to make plans to see you in person this summer, but we are also doing due diligence in building contingency plans for online sessions, activities, and resources that will be valuable regardless. 

        We will be doing our best to keep you updated as the leadership team continues to monitor local, state, and national updates. Christie is working on developing a “best practices” document for working from home, and we’ll be having our All Staff meeting online, we are currently testing out various platforms as we’ve experienced some issues with Zoom and Google Hangouts so please be on the lookout for updates.  

        Thank you for your flexibility as we navigate this unique challenge together. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at