About Us

CodeVA is an educational non-profit created to promote computer science all across Virginia. Based in Richmond, VA, our teacher training efforts and outreach to districts, parents and policymakers assumes a statewide footprint. CodeVA was founded with the principle that anyone can code, and that every Virginia child has a fundamental right to computer science literacy. Since 2014, CodeVA has taken great strides in making computer science a priority for Virginia. In 2016, Virginia became the first state in the nation to pass sweeping computer science education reform. This law mandates that every Virginia child will receive access to essential computer science literacy – to include coding – from kindergarten through graduation. CodeVA seeks to build a strong, vibrant 21st century Virginia workforce by providing access to computer science education for every child. Anyone can code. Everyone should. 


Donate to CodeVA

Your donations help us organize teacher trainings, summer camps and after-school classes, and push computer science literacy to Virginia. We’re so grateful for your help!